Nautilus Magazine


Over the past decade, one magazine has risen above its old school competitors to become the coolest science journal in the world. The paper: heavy. The binding: perfect. The design: supreme. NAUTILUS is Scientific American meets the New Yorker, publishing vivid storytelling around the universe's Biggest Questions of human purpose and ultimate reality.

Launched in 2013 to instant critical acclaim from the New York Times and Library Journal, the magazine's print and digital editions have been the recipients of dozens of awards, including two National Magazine Awards in its first year of eligibility, the only magazine in the history of the prize to carry this distinction. When treasured American novelist and playwright Cormac McCarthy set out to publish his first ever nonfiction essay, a stunning piece of reporting on the nature of the unconscious mind and its separation from human language, he did so in issue no. 47 of Nautilus, a home whose standards of elevated prose rival the editorial prowess of any literary journal. The resulting essay 'The Kekulé Problem' was praised by the New Yorker for its scientific reflections so profound they were believed to be creeping toward theology. Undoubtedly, it is the sense that the articles within the magazine could very well bring about borderline religious experience at any moment that is at the heart of everything Nautilus does so brilliantly.

As a digitally native brand with a commitment to transform lives through the self-reflection of greater humanity, Nautilus is proud to bring their visionary publishing program into the realm of original audio programming for the very first time. Their series of audio originals "Nautilus Presents..." will publish through Dreamscape in 2024.