Danny Brown



“Danny Brown writes punch lines like Conan O’Brien if he grew up in a crack house.” -- The Los Angeles Times

Danny Brown has built a rabid fanbase without radio or mainstream concessions, fueled by constant touring, innovative collaborations with everyone from Gorillaz to A$AP Rocky to JPEGMAFIA, an openness to talk about depression and mental health that’s still a rarity among rappers, and dropping consistently incredible and inventive music.

Over the last decade and a half, he has headlined venues both major and indie, and
played main stages everywhere from Coachella to Glastonbury. He once appeared in a Bob Dylan video as a lark—but not as big a lark as he was in real life when he played The Gathering of the Juggalos for the first time in 2012, and again in 2022.
You can hear in his inventive discography the Detroit boy who grew up with a voracious appetite for all kinds of music, from grime to A Tribe Called Quest to classic rock.

Danny came of age in the shadow of the early 90s and 00s greats, and was the blueprint for a certain kind of viral Internet rapper before those were even really a thing.

He pulled the ultimate trick—he cared so little about fame, that he became famous. At least, sort of.

Most recently, his podcast seems to have taken things to the next level. Born in the last days of the pandemic (remember them?), Danny launched "The Danny Brown Show" on Tom Segura’s YHM network – and has absolutely crushed it. Now he’s got the diehard fans who will follow him anywhere, the casual fans who still rock with XXX, and a LOT of podcast fans, who are happy to listen to him riff for hours on whatever crosses his mind.

All of which makes perfect timing for Danny to enter the weird, wonderful world of book publishing. Danny’s debut (Dey Street, 2025) gives readers a glimpse of life through his eyes, and shares details from his journey in kaleidoscopic slices with characteristic honesty, uncanny wisdom, and elastic humor.